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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Horsey Windpump

This is Horsey Windpump,
a wind powered drainage pump, now a National Trust property,
by Horsey Mere on the Norfolk Broads.
Right by where we moored up for the night.

I haven't been to many windpumps
but with memories of Camberwick Green and Windy Miller,
I naively assumed that all mills milled flour.

However I should have put two and two together,
we saw a lot of water
and not much wheat.

To explain what this windpump did,
once powered by wind, now powered by diesel,
"an often easily understood analogy
is that of the pump pumping water off a bathroom floor up into the bath
and out through the plug hole into the sea."
Here's the thing,
many rivers of the Norfolk Broads are higher than the surrounding land.

Easily understood analogy or not,
the work of the windpump was vital.

Horsey Windpump was a wind powered drainage pump
until it was put out of action by a lightning strike in 1943.
This was during the Second World War
and it was left unrepaired due to a shortage of timber.

They would have needed Scandinavian Pine for the vertical shaft,

 and Hornbeam for any wooden teeth on the cogwheels.

The broads and rivers take this water out to sea,
providing holiday makers over the years with fabulous places to play

and to moor up for the night.

 As with all good National Trust properties, there's the obligatory tea shop. 

The smallest National Trust tea shop that I've ever been to,
with the kindest proprietor.
Moored up with no bread for our lunch,
she picked me up a loaf from the co-op, on her way to work.

Whilst you're there,
a less-than-a-mile walk to takes you to the coast.
Where you may/will (depending on the time of year)
be rewarded with seals.

For more information and some photos of the windpump with sails still attached,

If Camberwick Green means nothing to you?
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