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Monday, 19 May 2014



Bones from seventeen hippos were found in 1965 when the Honiton bypass was being built.
The perks of building roads!
They're fossilised now.
Lost between 70,000-130,000 years ago.

Found in gravel pits near Axminster.
Multipurpose tools for cutting, chopping, digging and butchering.
Lost between 230,000 and 290,000 years ago.

Found dotted around many parts of Devon, lost around 6,000 years ago.
We saw a film of a man making one. Flint shaping flint.
It inspired some making back at home. They're sharp enough to cut up an apple.

Found in Trichay Street and by the Acorn Roundabout, Exeter.
Lost around 800 years ago.

It is now too late to claim this lost-property.
Their owners are long deceased, but in finding these objects, we have the opportunity to learn more about our ancestors and life in Devon, 800 years ago and throughout prehistory.

Hippo bones, hand-axes and arrowheads, all evidence of life in prehistoric Devon.
What was life like in prehistoric Devon?
Here's a mock-up. Whilst your kids spent their time lying on the grass, your sheep warmed themselves by the fire.

Another 'FOUND' poster needed...
Found in a prehistoric dwelling.
Answers to the name of 'De Li'.
Lost around half an hour ago.
No child in the immediate area seems to lay claim to her.

This dwelling may actually be more representative of life in Roman Devon.
But that's what happens in museums, you get the chance to compare life in different times.
You get the chance to dress up as a Roman
and give a talk on 'your pots' from the thirteenth century.

This is particularly true of the 'Making History' gallery in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum.
The gallery takes you from prehistoric Devon right through to contemporary Devon and Exeter.

We saw some fabulous film footage of seaside holidays in the 1950s & 60s.
I was won over by the double-deckchairs. I want one!

Visit the Royal Albert Memorial Museum open Tuesdays to Sundays each week.
We did try and go on a Monday! Do check the website here before you go.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Digging up London

Have you ever wanted to discover something when digging? On the beach? Or in the garden? Buried treasure? Anything? I once found a farthing when digging in our back garden. And corrugated iron, the remains of an Anderson shelter. 
Crossrail have been doing a huge amount of digging across London as they connect the East and the West by rail. And they did find something! Objects that tell an amazing story about London's past.
"Evidence of deeply buried landscapes"

Human skulls from Roman times, nearly 2,000 years old, found near Liverpool Street.
They reckon this is probably male.

 16th Century pottery found at Farringdon, around 400 years old.

 Evidence of industry from the 16th Century in Farringdon. Bones used in pin making.

Crossrail tell these stories, uncovered through their archaeology programme, in the exhibition, Portals to the Past, in their Visitor Information Centre.

You can read stories of London's past.

 I liked reading about the remains of the Crosse & Blackwell factory in Tottenham Court Road where they uncovered vaults containing around 8,000 ceramic jars.

 Beneath Liverpool Street they uncovered the burial ground of Bethlem Hospital. They're still digging and expecting to find up to 4,000 skeletons which will be used to find out how people used to live, to understand more about their lifestyle and diet.

There were animal processing industries on the River Lea in the 19th Century, producing stenches that "cannot be described or even imagined". Having had a dead rat under our floorboards at home, I can begin to imagine that smell. Nothing compares! 

There are more than fifty archaeological objects on display. Displayed in a manner slightly reminiscent of shelves in children's bedrooms, when they display their own prize finds.

Of course Crossrail also want to tell you about their shiny new plans, a new railway, twin tunnels under London, due to open in 2018.

Portals to the Past is on at the Crossrail Exhibition Centre. For opening times look here. It ends March 15th.
I don't think that there is enough there to warrant a special trip. However, if you're in the area, do drop in.

NB: apparently this exhibition will open somewhere else in the future.
Keep your eyes peeled.

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