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Monday, 9 April 2012

I bought the book...

The catalogue, like the exhibition, is full to bursting with Hockney's paintings, drawings and photos. Hockney depicts the British countryside repeatedly, not only depicting the changes the seasons bring but even daily changes brought about by the weather and the growth of plants and trees.

I particularly like Hockney's tree tunnels. Tunnels of any sort, whether underground, under river or under trees always liven up a car journey for our family. Tree tunnels are, of course, the most varied. Even on familiar routes, tree tunnels vary depending on the weather, the time of day and the season. Winter trees with branches covered in snow can be the most exciting. Someone in the car will always call out, 'tree tunnel', whatever the weather, to get us to look.

When I visited the exhibition it was pretty crowded, at times you had to squeeze past people. In contrast, Hockney's landscapes hung silently before us, free from the bustling crowds, there weren't any people in them. It was a great contrast, viewing peaceful people-free landscapes standing in a crowded gallery.

Unfortunately A Bigger Picture at the Royal Academy ends today. You can still buy the catalogue though, to take you on a journey through the predominantly British countryside. It's dynamic, long and varied as Hockney takes you from sketchbook to canvas to i-pad through the seasons and all weathers.
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